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Year 6

Year 6 Camp - Day 3

We woke up feeling refreshed after another great night's sleep. We ate an enormous breakfast and then began our activities...

Once again, lots of us had to tackle our fear of heights as we attempted to conquer to zip wire or master the skill of abseiling. Both activities were very scary but everyone tried their best and so many managed to complete both - massive well done! What was even nicer to see was the encouragement and support given by the other children who were watching - the instructors have commented so much on how positive and enthusiastic the children are. What a credit to the school!

After lunch, children were introduced to Fencing (there are some great photos of them all dressed up) and they also took on the Challenge Course, which involved climbing through tyres and balancing on wooden beams.  For some children, it was time to climb the Jacobs Ladder - I think we all agree that this is possibly the toughest activity on camp! Having said that, their brilliant teamwork allowed many of them to climb extremely high!

After room inspection (yes - they all passed, but only just sad), we had dinner and another visit to the shop. Then it was DISCO TIME!

We joined two other schools for the disco and we were so proud of the way the children behaved! They danced, laughed and sang the night away and we all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening smiley What a lovely way to spend our final night.

Year 6 Camp - Day 4

This morning, we were then faced with the challenge of packing up rooms and squeezing everything back into suitcases - maybe this is the most challenging part of camp?! We finally managed it before setting off for our final morning of activities.

Everyone is going to have a go at the Vertical Challenge and then we are all racing around on Quad Bikes!

We have had an absolutely brilliant week! The children have excelled themselves and have been a pleasure to be with. We are very proud of them and they should be very proud of their achievements this week.

We are looking forward to seeing you all later today to tell you lots more stories of the adventure that has been 'Year 6 Camp 2016'!

Year 6 Camp - Day 2:

The children woke up (very early) and went down for breakfast. They are really enjoying the tea and coffee facilities!

It was raining for the start of the first activity, then it stopped and the wind picked up. After about an hour we had snow! Finally, the sun came out but we were all FREEZING cold. Everyone learnt a valuable lesson about the benefits of wearing lots of layers - most put on at least 6 layers, and even socks as gloves, for the rest of the day smiley

During the morning, children braved the Giant Swing and leapt for the trapeze. They were so proud of their achievements and the photographic evidence shows just how high they had to go - amazing!

We warmed up over lunch (and took the opportunity to find more warm clothes) before heading out for the afternoon activities. Some children zoomed down the zip-wire; some attempted the tricky 'Jacobs Ladder' and others perfected their archery skills. Again, look at the photos to see how much fun we had...

After the activities it was time for the dreaded ROOM INSPECTION angel To our surprise, all the children passed, however the wet, muddy trainers and clothes are starting to leave some interesting smells in certain rooms!!!

Once we'd had dinner it was time for our first visit to the shop. The children stocked up on essentials (sweets) and then got ready for the evening activity. We had to abandon the outdoor campfire due to the weather so we created an indoor one using torches and sang campfire songs.

The children settled for bed really well again. We have had lots of positive comments from instructors, who have been impressed with their positive attitudes and politeness - well done Year 6!

More news to follow tomorrow... 

Year 6 Camp - Day 1:

We set off for camp in miserable, wet conditions but the weather did nothing to dampen our spirits. The coach journey went quickly and as soon as we arrived at Lydiard Park, the rain stopped! We were very lucky as it held off for the rest of the day.

The children were taken to the woodlands and were put into pairs. One partner was blindfolded and the other had to lead them on a tricky trail through the trees - look out for Miss Allen in the photos! They then explored the woodland and found lots of things to climb through/up/on and dens to hide in.

After that, we had some lunch before embarking on a long walk, which they all managed really well. Were they tired? No! They still had plenty of energy to spend in the amazing adventure playground - lots of photos and lots of smiles smiley. Before we knew it, it was time to get on the coach and head to Liddington PGL.

When we arrived, the children were taken to their rooms and given time to settle in (make a mess) and then we were given a grand tour of the facilities. Dinner was delicious - everybody had a good plateful!

Our first evening activity was Robot Wars. The children were in groups and they had to turn one of their team members in a robot using cardboard - see photos. It was great fun.

Then it was time to settle down for our first night. They were all absolutely shattered which meant they all went to sleep very quickly - the teachers were very pleased about this no

We have an exciting day ahead of us - watch this space for the next update...

Revision sites

The links below provide some helpful games and activities to help our children revise their learning. We will be using them in school but children are encouraged to work their way through these alongside their normal revision each week.

Road Safety Workshops

This afternoon we spent some time on the road outside school thinking about road safety. This included some measuring of the speed of vehicles using speed cameras, as well as estimating speed, counting cars and looking for hazards.

We also discussed how to be safe when we are pedestrians as well as drivers. Hopefully your children will be able to tell you all about what we found out!

Newspaper Reports: The Moon Landing

This week we've been looking back at the moon landing, and have been learning a newspaper report based on the events of July 1969. We found out some interesting facts about the landings - do ask your children what they can remember!

We have also been looking at the structure of a news report, and how to write our own. As part of this, we discussed formal and informal interview styles, and practised being news reporters. Take a look at the photos below to see how smart our reporters look!

Explorer Dome - Out of this world!

This afternoon all of year 6 went into the Explorer Dome for a science show all about planets and space. It was an amazing experience as we saw many of the planets in our solar system and learned some facts about what they are like. We also spent a long time thinking about stars - and a lot of time shrieking when a star exploded!

Towards the end of the show we heard all about the constellations and how these have been used to dream and imagine and make stories. We also found out how to find the North Star - perhaps we'll be looking out for it over the weekend!

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to all of our new students in year 6 - we're delighted to have you join us and we are looking forward to an exciting year!

This term our study focus topic is Out of This World. We're going to be doing lots of work all about space, what we know about it so far and how we might explore it even further (our topic map for this term is below). On Friday 11th we are looking forward to a visit from the Explorer Dome, which will be an opportunity to see some of the planets and stars, think about how they change and understand a bit more about what space is like. We'll add some photos on Friday!

We also welcome parents and carers to our welcome meting on Wednesday 16th September at 3:20 in Class 14. We'll talk about the new expectations and challenges of year 6 and will be very happy to answer any questions.

In the meantime, do let any of us know if there is anything you would like to know.

Mrs Hine, Mr Huxley, Ms Jones and Mr Whitmore