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Year 5

Learning from home


If you are unable to be in school, we have some exciting home learning that you can take part in. This way you'll be able to keep on track with the rest of the class. There are lots of activities below for you to do: as a guide, try doing 1 English activity, 1 maths activity and 1 creative activity a day.

We'd love to hear how you are getting on - you can send us photos through Class Dojo or email. 

Mr Grierson (

Miss Marriott ( 

Please keep looking on our school website and class page for any updates to home learning, as well as making sure you have a parent account on Class Dojo. 

Home Learning Documents

Please find below all the documents we have uploaded for 6th July-17th July. 

Have fun learning and we look forward to seeing everything you have been doing!smiley


Check out these links from the Bristol City Robins Foundation:



Also check out this PE challenge set up by Mrs Tindall:


Daily Home Learning Documents

These documents are also uploaded on Class Dojo daily. If you are yet to sign up, please email your class teacher how to create an account so you can see your child's set work. Children can either upload it to Class Dojo or send a picture to Mr Grierson's or Miss Marriott's email. A weekly timetable is also below as a guideline. You do not need to follow this but just as a suggestion to help with routine. 

Remember, this is a suggested timetable and we do not expect you to do it all. On the timetable, you can see what we will be uploading to Class Dojo daily so you and your child can choose what you would like to do. 
Creative Writing Ideas

Maths with Parents

To support you child with their Maths learning at home, you can sign up for Maths with Parents. This is a site where you will be able to watch videos, play games and support your child through various structured learning activities, chosen by us (linked to what your child has been doing in school). The first activities are based around place value and will change regularly. All you need to sign up is the log in and code below. 

R.E Home Learning


PSHE Documents

Below are some links to Jigsaw, our PSHE programme.

Jigsaw Families is an innovative programme supporting children and their care-givers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop healthy, strong, lasting and loving relationships.


Don't forget that we have access to lots of online learning too so you can choose what you want to do and these are alternative ways to help your child learn at home. If you can't remember how to log in then get in touch with your teachers.


BBC Daily Lessons (video lessons that usually follow Literacy, Maths and a Topic)


Oak National Academy Lessons



Bug club: 

Nessy (if you already have access):



Pobble 365 prompts for writing:

Spelling Shed:



TT Rockstars:

Maths with parents: 


Topic - Stargazers

What is the Solar System:

NASA kids' Club:

Stargazing Live: (There are some great short videos here however the series is not available on iPlayer at present.)




Trimble Sketchup: (Take a look at this blog to watch helpful videos:



Twinkl (offering free access to free resources)





Welcome to Year 5!


Key information:

Our PE lessons take place every Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Additionally, we will be taking part in a mile run, straight after registration every Thursday morning, for which the children should wear trainers (they will need to change out of these after the run if they are not black).


Key Dates:

07.01.2020  Term 3 begins.

15.01.2020  5CG Class Assembly

      A link to Trimble Sketchup

Click on the link below to access the web version of the 3D design software we are suing this term.



Click on the link below to watch a tutorial for Trimble Sketchup.



Beast Creator

Our last topic develops children’s knowledge of living things and their habitats. Children learn about identification keys, food chains and some of the deadliest beasts on the planet!


Our fourth topic of the year is Stargazers. This is a fabulous topic which explores a range of scientific concepts such as: the solar system, how night and day occur and how gravity works.

Alchemy Island

Our third topic of the year is Alchemy Island. This is an exciting topic with lots of opportunity to explore the science of Alchemy. Our whole class reading will be based around Harry Potter.

Off With Her Head

Our second topic of the year is Off With Her Head. This is an exciting topic with lots of opportunity to explore the history of the Tudor Monarchy. Our whole class reading will be based around Shakespeare classics.


Our first topic of the year is Pharaohs. This is an exciting topic with lots of opportunity to explore the history of the ancient Egyptians. Our whole class reading book is 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll.

Home Learning

Please find copies of home learning below. Children can choose a piece of work to complete from the grid each week and record this in their home learning books. We celebrate home learning on Wednesday afternoons and love to see models, photographs of cooking at home videos of experiments, PowerPoints or art work that we can display in our rooms, on our year group page and on our Twitter feed!

Children's learning: