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Year 3

Term 5 Spellings!!!

Bug's Life - Homework Projects

Easter Bake Sale for Conservation!!

Year 3 has been exploring the concept of conservation and to finalise this idea we are going to raise money to support two amazing organisations. Bristol Zoo Gardens and Green Peace!

Term 4! Let's Go!!

New year and a new topic!!!

Yr4 Camp November 2016 - Viney Hill

Hello Parson Street!


We are heading into a new year and with that comes new exciting things to learn!


We will be starting our new topic of Guatemala!! This great new topic will allow us to explore the dark depths of our literary jungle and the fiery, volcanic eruptions of our maths! It will also allow us a chance to compare

ancient civilizations and look at different climates and forces!


It is bound to be an adventure...Let's Go!!


As a head start we've placed the Term 3 spellings and homework sheet above. Please take a look when you get a chance.


All the best and have a happy holiday,


Ms.Howard and Mr.Peotto

The Gaurdian Awakens!

Class 3EP on our Dig!

Hello Parson Street! This term in classes 3EP and 3AH we're covering the wonderful builders of the ancient world. We will be looking at our very humble beginnings in the Stone Age and comparing to the amazing Ancient Egyptians!

Something secret lays hidden here... Let's go 3EP and 3AH!!

Class 7 get cooking! Last week we made Jewish potato cakes as part of our R.E lesson crossed with Food Technology. We made a right old mess but had a great time working together!

Class 8 on our @Bristol trip!


A huge welcome to Year 3. We hope you have had an amazing half term! It is great to see both our classes dressed in the correct uniform and looking very smart, thank you for making such a big effort.


This term we are looking at 'Who are the greatest builders!' We will cover the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt. We are really excited about the launch of our topic and the children seem very excited about it too! We began to do some research at the end of last term, where the children looked at a variety of websites focussing on the Stone Age.


Our learning logs went home at the end of last term, and we can see that some of the children have already begun to start their projects. Just to remind you that you only need to choose 1 project per week. These will be due in every Thursday.


Cheers to another great term!


Miss Howard and Mr Peotto.

Term 2 Spellings...

Extra Help

If you are having issues with your school work there are a number of good websites to help guide you. One of the best is Khan Academy. This site will help guide you along different topics as well as allow you to test your knowledge. Just follow the link below to check it out:

New Homework Projects