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Year 1


Dear Children,

Have you read the story of Mr Gumpy’s Outing? Have you ever been on a great day out? This term we will be thinking about where we would like to go and what makes a great day out.

We will be researchers, as we try and find good places to go. We will be planners, as we find out what we need to take with us. We will explore the seaside in our home-corner.

The story has lots of messages within it. We are going to be environmentalists as we think about how best we can care for the world around us and the people in it.

We hope this will be a great topic and we will have a great day out!

Miss Howie / Ms Beale / Ms Bennett



Home Learning and Spellings Term 6

Welcome to Term 5!



Why is Water Precious?

Dear Children


Have you ever wondered about water and where it comes from?

We know that plants and animals need water to drink but what else do we know about water?

This term we are going to be exploring water and finding out all about it.

We will be learning about an important man called Dr Snow and finding out what discoveries he made.

We will be thinking about why washing our hands is important and how we can make sure we stay clean and healthy.

There are lots of watery songs that we are going to learn. We will be designing our own instruments and exploring sounds we can make with them.

Finally we will end our topic with a visit to Windmill Hill City Farm for some pond dipping. We are hoping to design and make a fish pond in a box. What will you put in your pond?

Do have a look at your home learning tasks. We have some new maths games on Abacus and there are some challenges for you to find out for yourself and record in your book.

Many Thanks

From The Year 1 Team.

Year 1 Term 5 Home learning, Spellings and Topic Map

Windmill Hill City Farm trip letter

Welcome to Term 4


This Term we are continuing our topic on What can we learn from stories.

In week 4 we will do our mini art topic based on Vincent Van Gogh.

We will be asking questions and finding out about Vincent Van Gogh. We will explore his work looking at seasons and colour.

Remember to look at our Spellings and Home learning tasks for this Term.


Home learning Term 4

Visit to Ashton Gate Stadium. Take a look at our pictures

Welcome to Term 3

Dear Children,

This term we are going to be learning about different countries through stories!

When we did our mind map last term, you were very interested in lots of different countries. Lots of you have visited different places on holiday and could tell us interesting things about the countries such as what the weather was like and how you got there. If you could go anywhere, where would you choose?

We are going to be traveling around the globe, stopping off in Jamaica, China, India and Australia. Can you find them on the world map?

We will be learning through the pictures in stories from the different countries and doing lots of artwork based on them such as Aboriginal style paintings.

We will be looking at the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. Can you find any of his famous paintings? What do you think about them?

As part of your home learning we would like you to look at foods from different countries. You might like to make and taste some. Which is your family’s favorite type of food?

We also want to make sure we all keep safe so we will be thinking about what we need to do to cross the road safely.

We will continue to use our Study Focus books to record our learning.

Miss Howie, Ms Bennett and Ms Beale

Dear Children,

Welcome to Term 2. This term we are going to be looking at the world around us! Remember when we did our mind map last term, you were very interested in life in Chile and Bristol and Bedminster!

We will be turning our role play area into a place from the local area, Manor Woods! We would love you to bring in some leaves and things to add to the area.

We will be looking closely at our school and finding our way around. What would a new child in school need to know? We will draw and make maps to find our way around school.

We will be going to the local Library and noticing what we can see in our immediate area. If you have any book about the area, do bring them in to show us.

We will have a look at the plants that grow around our school and see what they need to grow and plants some flowers and vegetables We will see how they grow over the next couple of months.

All this will be recorded in our Study Focus book.

Miss Howie, Ms Bennett and Ms Beale

Please see below mind map of our topic this term, spellings and home learning.

Dear Parents / Carers and Year 1 Children,


In class we have been thinking about what we can find out about toys. We have included lots of your super ideas in our mind map including how toys work.


We have made a toy shop in our class and talked about our favourite toys. We know lots of you like Lego so we will be having some Lego challenges, and hopefully a Lego workshop.


We will be looking at what toys you played with when you were a baby. Do you think you play differently now? How do you think your toys have changed? Do you think your grandparents would have played with the same toys as you do?


You already know it is important to keep healthy and we will be exploring more ways for you to do this. In addition we are planning a trip to Manor Woods to explore games we can play as a team.

Looking forward to working with you.

Ms Beale, Ms Bennett and Miss Howie


Toys Mind Map- Plan of our topic in Term 1