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Welcome & Vision

Welcome to Parson Street

Primary School

Our Vision:

'Learning for Life'


At Parson Street Primary School, we take pride in our unapologetically high standards whereby all children are given the best chances of success, irrespective of background or prior attainment.


We develop children’s identity as part of our community through a sense of belonging and wider responsibility. At the heart of its community, Parson Street is a place where all feel welcome and diversity is both explored and celebrated.


We are committed to creating a culture where learning is valued and all children are given a voice.  Through our metacognitive approach of ‘learning to learn’, we ensure that every child leaves Parson Street with the tools needed to thrive, along with the mindset of proud, life-long learners.  


Parson Street Primary School is an academy within Trust in Learning (Academies). For information about our Trust, please visit



                                                     Mr Laurie Munro