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Safer Travel

Safer Travel


At Parson Street Primary School we operate a safer travel scheme. This means that there are rules and procedures about how children travel to/from school in order to keep them safe.


EYFS (Nursery - YR), KS1 (Y1 - Y2) and LKS2 (Y3 - Y4) will not be released to go home to anybody below the age of 18. Therefore, it is important that appropriate arrangements are made if you have a child in these year groups. UKS2 children (Y5 - Y6) are discouraged from travelling independently. However, if this is requested by a parent/carer then it must be put in writing using the Safer Travel permission form available below. Children will not be allowed to leave school unless written permission has been given.


We would strongly encourage that arrangements are made for children to be collected from school. However, if you do wish your child to come to/from school independently, please note the following recommendations for safer travel that have been recommended by the community police.




  • Children should wait until the lighter spring and summer months when they are in Year 6 to begin travelling unaccompanied.


  • Children should avoid travelling alone.This may attract unwanted attention.


  • The school should be fully informed about the routines of pupils travelling to school unaccompanied.This will enable us to alert parents immediately if they do not arrive.


  • If a child does travel home on their own, ensure that a responsible adult is at home waiting for them.



Safer Travel Permission Letter 21-22

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