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Reception returning to school.


If your children are returning to school next week there is some additional information for you below. You will now have received an information letter and a short video of what the classes and school looks like on your return. Check out the power point explaining all about the class bubbles below.

As the children will now be bringing in their own packed lunch, we recommend that you take a look at the school packed lunch policy below. All children will need to bring in a water bottle which they will use throughout the day as well as lunchtimes.


We will be working on PHSE activities about feelings and questions around returning to school to help the children settle back in. We will also be starting a new topic called Who lives in a Rock pool?  

Please do look at the topic overview and home learning activities below.

Home learning can then still be sent via ILD and we will share it in class.


We are really looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you back!


If you are not returning yet please do still use the topic overview and home learning to  support with activities with your child. There are also new links below for Term 6 to support with learning. We will also continue to post learning suggestions on the ILD.


Hope to see you all soon.


The Reception Team




Learning From Home in Term 6


If you are still unable to be in school, to help with support your child in keeping on track with the rest of the class, please continue to practise reading, phonics and maths activities at home and upload work onto ILD.  We will also continue to post some learning suggestions on the ILD. Link below


The link below for Oak Academy has some individual maths lessons which we would recommend that you follow. You can pick areas where you feel your child will benefit most but please ensure the daily lessons are taught in the sequence as the skills build during the week.

The White Rose website also has lovely maths based activities around stories.


Phonics and reading - Phonics play is a good website for regular phonics practise and  the link below for bug club for reading.


We appreciate it may be getting more challenging in supporting with home learning and thank you for your continued commitment and support. Please do get in touch via email if you have any queries.


Many thanks

The Reception Team






Welcome to Term 6

Welcome back. We hope you had a restful half term. The weather has been fantastic and we hope you had some time to enjoy it.

Please look out for new home learning for this term and topic overview later this week.


Summertime is officially here! Watch this short clip below showing the changes in each season. Perhaps you can look at and talk about the changes you have noticed as we move from Spring into Summer.

Writing task - The weather is hot! What have you been doing in this lovely weather? How are you staying cool? Draw a picture and write about it. We have been impressed with a lovely writing you are uploading on the ILD. Remember to sound out words and use those phoneme fingers. Please see below the daily phonics and maths activities.


Many thanks for your continued support with home learning and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to school soon.


Ms Beale Ms Bennett and Miss Hale.

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May

Hello, we really hope that you are having a good week and enjoying the activities. Here are two phonics activities and two maths activities. Please pick one of each to do on Thursday and on Friday. Keep sending us your learning on your Interactive Learning Diary (ILD).

Wednesday 3rd June


Today's maths task is a link to an activity called flower towers. 

You can download the mat if you sign up to the website or just make your own.

Choose a number to make towers using objects such as lego bricks or stack of coins. Think about number bonds you can make using coin value or different coloured cubes, e.g a stack of 4 red and 5 blue cubes to make 9.  


Phonics today is revision of Phase 3 with a focus on the 'igh' sound.


Tuesday 2nd June


Today's suggestion is to go for a walk in your garden or local green space. What flowers do you notice in bloom? Attached below is a math's task, a flower colour tally chart to download and print to take with you. What will you spot and how will your record your counting?

You could also do a flower and plant hunt using the link below.

Phonics today is Phase 3 with a focus on the 'ee' sound.

Many thanks

Flower colour tally chart

Monday 1st June


Today's maths is a grouping and counting numbers task. 

Pasta muddle! Provide your child with a bowl of 30 dried pasta pieces. Using six toys can they  group and share out the pasta for each teddy so that the have 5 pieces each for their tea. How many pieces have you got altogether? Demonstrate that you can count in fives and count together in fives. You can repeat activity but this time grouping in and counting in tens.


Phonics task is revising Phase 3 with a focus on the 'ai' sound.



Term 5

Hello and welcome back!

We hope you had a great Easter and managed to get outside and enjoy the lovely sunshine we had. We are missing seeing all your smiley faces but know its important that we all keep safe at the moment. We are thinking about you lots.smiley


We will be putting daily challenges on here and also ideas for activities on the ILD so please do look regularly and upload your work onto the ILD so we can see what you've been up to. If there is anything in particular you would like ideas for, please do let us know and we'll do our best to help! 

Week 7

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Please see below for this week's daily activities  and Week 7 Home Learning project.

Friday 22nd May

Hello, we really hope that you are having a nice week in the sunshine.

For maths today is a recognising and ordering digits activity. Please see the link below.


For phonics today please can you revise the phase 3 common exception words (tricky words). Please see the Phonics Play link below.


Also you have an oracy challenge to put on a show for someone. Please see the link below.


We will look forward to seeing your work on your Interactive Learning Diary (ILD). Have a lovey half term everyone.   

It's Showtime

Thursday 21st May

Good morning. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us on your Interactive Learning Diary (ILD).


Today's maths task is a solving problems activity on adding and subtracting. Please see the link below.


The phonics lesson today is revising Phase 3 with a focus on the 'igh' sound. Please see the link below.


Wednesday 20th May


Hello. Today's maths task is exploring two halves. The PDF below has suggestions for exploring halving with your child. 


The phonics lesson today is revising Phase 3 with a focus on the 'ng' sound.


We hope you enjoyed Jess's adventure about snails on the ILD. You may also like to explore some other minibeast adventures. See link attached below.


We hope you have an enjoyable day.

Tuesday 19th May


Hello. We have a selection of minibeast pictures below for a writing task. The children can choose one and perhaps write some captions or sentences describing them. Remember to use  phoneme fingers to sound out the parts of the words you are writing.  

Today's maths is exploring doubles using ladybird spots and a mirror. Please see link below to a video explaining the task. If your child is confident in making doubles practically, then they can perhaps record some doubles facts using addition sentences. 

The phonics lesson is revising Phase 3 with a focus on the 'th' sound today. 


Many Thanks

Monday 18th May

Today's maths is an animal bus subtraction task. This can be played as a game once you have completed some subtraction sentences with your child. It is really important to encourage full sentences. 'First there are 7 animals on the bus. Then 3 animals get off the bus? How many animals are on the bus now?

First there were... 

Now there are...

7 subtract 3 is equal to...

You can then load up the bus with all the animals and use a dice to subtract in turn. Last person to unload all animals is the winner.

Attached is also the link to Phase 3 Phonics Lesson 10 with a focus on the 'sh' sound.



Good Morning. We hope you had an enjoyable weekend and were able to enjoy some time in the sunshine. With home learning now continuing until the end of this month at least, we know it must be getting increasingly challenging to keep up the motivation and learning. Attached is a guidance from the government to parents that you may find useful. We are also here to help so please do contact us via our emails which are at the top of this page if you have any queries or concerns.

Please see below for this week's home learning project and tasks for today.

Many thanks for all that you are already doing to support your child with their education at this time.

Friday 15th May

Hello everyone, we really hope that you have had a good week. Thank you for sharing all your work with us on your ILD. For maths today can you play this matching game with an adult. You will need some matching sets of counters or something similar from your home like bottle tops or coloured paper. Please click on the link below. For phonics can you revise the 'ng' sound using the Buried Treasure activity on the link below.

Thursday 14th May

Morning everyone. Today for maths is another problem solving activity on 'How would you count?' Please see the link below to complete. For phonics today we would like you to revise your phase 3 sounds. Please see the link below that will take you to Phonics Play.

Wednesday 13th May

Hello everyone. Today we have an interactive "ladybird box' maths challenge for you. See link below to solve the problem. You can do the activity online directly or make your own. 

Phonics today is revising phase 3 with a focus on the 'ch' sound.

Many Thanks

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning. The children enjoyed listening to 'The doorbell rang' story by Pat Hutchins in school and we explored some maths problem solving. They might enjoy listening again to the story and trying out the suggested activities below. 

Today's Phonics lesson is focussing on the 'qu' sound and revision of Phase 3 sounds.

You may also like to read and label the parts of a ladybird below.


Many thanks


Monday 11th May


Attached today is a problem solving Maths story task which we hope the children will enjoy. This activity can be done using toys such as teddies for your child to investigate sharing, adding and subtracting. Phonics focus today is 'zz' and revision of Phase 3 sounds. Link attached below.

We also have a range of activities this week on the ILD for your children to access. If your child has completed the books set for them on Bug Club please email us and we can allocate some new ones. 

Many Thanks

Watch the short video about ants! Ants work well together as a team.

Can you write some facts about ants? You might include -

-How the ants worked together at the beginning fo the video,

-What an ant looks like,

-Where you would find them,

-What they like to eat.

Can you go on an ant hunt? Where did you find them? How many did you find? Take a photo of you with the ants and add to your ILD.

Week 5

Good Morning. We hope you had a restful weekend. Please see below for this week's tasks. We will also continue to post additional activities on the ILD. Thank you again for all the home learning you are posting on the ILD. It is a pleasure to see what the children have been doing.

Thursday 7th May

Hello, we hope that you are having a good week. For maths today can you practise finding number bonds up to ten? The whale is trapped in the lake. Can you add lengths of pipe until the total is 10 (you can use more than two)? Then turn the wheel valve to set the water pouring. Once pipe is place press the wheel to check your answer. If you're answer is correct the whale will swim off to sea.


For phonics today can you look for common exception words (tricky words) in a book?

Can you go on a minibeast hunt and write a sentence about what you found?

Wednesday 6th May

Hello everyone. We are continuing to build on number bonds and the task today is a link to a twinkl activity below on finding the number bonds of 10. Please also log onto 'Maths with Parents' as this week's activities are exploring other numbers within 10. 

Today Phonics lesson 6 is revising Phase 3 sounds with a focus on 'z'.

Hope you have a good day and have time to enjoy the sunshine! 

Its important for young children to develop a feeling of self worth and to describe themselves in positive terms. One way for them to develop this self confidence and self awareness is to have little jobs that they are responsible for. Jobs such as watering plants, chopping veg, making their beds etc are small tasks will help build this confidence.

Maybe you could take a photo of them carrying out their job and ask them to write a caption?

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning. Today's maths task is on recognising the 'whole' and 'part' of sets of objects. Attached are some shapes to use for the activity but you can use other sets of things such as fruit. The link to Phonics lesson 5 is also attached. 

Monday 4th May

This week the maths focus is on building understanding of number bonds. Please see today's task on making subsets below. You can use any objects you have available. Fruit might work well or see suggestions box for other ideas. We are continuing with revising Phase 2 and 3 phonics this week with today's focus lesson on 'x' sound with link below. In literacy we're thinking about poems and action rhymes. Listen to the one below and see if you can learn it.


Many Thanks


How many poems and rhymes do you know about mini beasts?

Listen to the one we've added. Can you join in with the repeating parts? How did the worm move?

Can you make a list of mini beasts and how they move?

What actions can you do for the various moves?

Week 4

Hello everyone we hope that you had a lovely weekend and have been having fun in the sunshine. We have really enjoyed seeing your learning on your Interactive Learning Diary (ILD). Please keep checking the website and the ILD daily for activities and ideas to do at home.  

Please see below 'week 4' Home Learning projects you can do at home this week. There are some great activities you can do about animals that we hope you enjoy.

Friday 1st May


Good Morning, 


Today's phonics lesson is Phase 3 focussing on 'w' sound. Please see link below

Attached is also a video to support parents with the sounds and actions of initial letters. This is useful as it demonstrates which sounds we pronounce softly and sharply.


Happy Friday and we hope you have an enjoyable weekend. 

Here is a maths activity on measuring the length crocodiles. You can either print it off and cut the crocodiles out or you can draw your own crocodiles of different lengths and then put them in order.

Thursday 30th April

Today we have the second phonics lesson on the youtube link below recapping on Phase 3 sounds.

The maths task is about recognising and measuring the time it takes to do an activity. In class we often do physical challenges in a minute such as star jumps or bunny hops. Please see PDF below

Many Thanks

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning, we hope that you are enjoying the activities that we have asked you to do so far this week. Please email us if you have any questions about the activities or any questions about login in to anything that we have asked you to do. We would love to hear from you.


Today, your maths activity is a water activity on comparing capacities. You can do this by filling empty containers of different sizes with cups of water to see how many cups fill the containers? Please send us a photo and tell us what you have found out on your Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)? 

For phonics today, we would like you to practice the sh sound. Let us know how you get on?

Tuesday 28th April

Your maths task today is an activity on making caterpillars of different lengths and thicknesses. For this task you can use salt dough (see below for recipe), lego or pasta to make your caterpillars. Once you have made your caterpillars you can then use everyday language to describe them.

For Phonics today can you practice some phase 3 sounds. Please watch the link below and write the words. 

Monday 27th April 


This weeks Maths Focus is on Measures (PDF below). Task one is a weight and size activity around presents. 


We are continuing to revise Phase 3 sounds. We will be posting lessons uploaded on Youtube. Please see link below for the first session.

Many thanks

Listen to the story of What the ladybird heard.

Can you draw a story map of what happens?

Listen for the pairs of rhyming words. Can you add another word that rhymes with it?

Can you make a list of all the animal noises that are mentioned in the story?


Week 3

Friday 24th April

Good morning.

Below is the final task this week to practise ordinal number with the number line resources which can be printed off or copied out. Also please check out the link to Phonics Play website game Buried Treasure. You can practise all your Phase 2 or Phase 3 sounds by sorting words into fake and real words.

Thursday 23rd April

Can you write a sentence?

Wednesday 22nd April

Good afternoon. We hope the children are enjoying the activities we have posted so far this week. If you have looked at the 'minibeast descriptions' guess who powerpoint from Monday, attached below is an example of a fact file on a spider to share with your children. There is also a blank template to create their own fact file about minibeasts. 

We are focussing on cardinal number and ordinal number skills in Maths this week so please do take a look at this week's tasks as they are really good basic skills to practise. 


Many Thanks for your continued support.



Tuesday 21st April

Please do try and read some of the books on Bug Club (link below). We are checking regularly and will add new books when you need them. Remember we ask that you read at least 4 times per week where possible!

Reading Bingo


Why not have a late night tonight and a lazy morning tomorrow.


Look up at around 10pm tonight and see if you can spot the Meteor shower that's due.

Can you draw your own constellation of stars and give it a name?

Monday 20th April.


Below is a powerpoint related to our topic with a fun guessing task with clues using facts about minibeasts. Once you have solved the clues, create a fact file writing your own sentences about your favourite minibeast.

Please also see below for Maths home learning task for today and home learning guidance around our Maths scheme, Maths Mastery. 


Many Thanks


Outdoor Learning

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or access to safe outdoor spaces, there are some fantastic activities that you can do at home. Below is a link to the RSPB website which has a variety of garden activities, including those that can be done with a small garden or balcony. I'm going to try my hand at making a hedgehog cafe and a toad/frog house. 

I would love to see photos if you have a go at any of these activities. You can upload them to ILD or email them.


Miss Hill 

Term 5 Home learning will continue on from Term 4 with current topic 'Why do Ladybirds have Spots?'

Useful websites for additional support with home learning.

PSHE home learning tasks from Jigsaw


Carole Vordeman Maths site if currently free to parents and has ideas and games from age 3+

Please check out the phonics play website. It is free for parents to access at the moment and the children are very familiar with it as we use it regularly in our phonics lessons.

Week 2

Friday 3rd April


A Maths and English task attached below for today.

Thank you for all your continued support with home learning. We hope to see you all again soon and will continue to post home learning tasks after the Easter break if we are still in the current situation. We will put a few suggestions for Easter activities if you would like to do them. Wishing you all a restful Easter break. 


Happy Easter! 

Regards from the Reception Team.

Dinner time for Sid! He is really missing seeing everyone........its so quiet he says!

Phonics task - This is a phase two activity. You can also adapt making your own rhyming words with phase 3 sounds. Cut out yolks and sort rhyming words into an egg box.
Maths Task - Estimation station. See PDF below. You could use a jar and fill up with mini easter eggs and have it as a daily prediction activity during Easter. (If they last that long!)

Thursday 2nd April


Hello, today can you watch the video of Miss Hales reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood in the 'Learning Zone' on your Interactive Learning Diary? Can you then ask your child these questions:

-What did Little Red Riding Hood wear?

-Where did Little Red Riding hood live?

-Who did Little Red Riding Hood live with?

-Who did Little Red Riding Hood go to see?

-What did Little Red Riding Hood take with her?

-Who did Little Red Riding Hood see whilst in the woods?

-What did Grandmother say and do?

-What did the woof do?

-What happened at the end of the story?

-What was your favorite part of the story?




For phonics today can you find a 'cup', 'hat', 'cat', 'tap', 'bin', 'jar' and the 'sun'? Can you practice writing these words and write a sentence with these words in it. For example, 'I have a big black cat'.




Wednesday 1st April


Hello a money challenge for you today.

Shopping task with fruit and vegetable. Price the items from 1-10p. Give your child some coins to pay for the items. Which coins will they use? 

A constraint could be; You can only use two coins to pay for a piece of fruit that costs 10p.

A challenge could be; How many ways can you pay using different coins? 


Phonics tasks to do with your child attached below. Please choose the one which you feel is the most suitable.


Many thanks




Tuesday 31 March 2020


Hello Everyone we hope you are all keeping well, safe and busy.


Today is my birthday (Miss Hales) and I would love it if you made me a birthday card and wrote a special birthday message inside it. Could you then please post a photograph of it on your Interactive Learning Diary.


Can you have a 'pretend birthday party' for me and invite 5 friends; maybe your dolls or teddies? Can you then give each friend 5 things each to play with at the party?







Monday 30th March


Hope you are all well and staying safe. This week's activities for home learning are below and we will continue to post suggestions for a couple of additional activities each day.


Many Thanks for your continued support under these difficult circumstances. We have really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful home learning on the ILDs. We have a new feature on ILD, the 'Learning Zone' where we will also add some suggestions of activities on there so do please take a look.


Writing suggestion - Make a card for a loved one that you can't visit at the moment. Let them know what you are up to. 


Maths task - Share some objects with you and your family, e.g count out 12 pieces of dried pasta. Can you share it equally between 3? What other numbers can you share equally between 3?



Useful websites
Week 1

Thursday 26th March

Some math's ideas to try out -

  1. Number sequences. Write a number sequence to 20 leaving some blanks. Write the missing numbers on pegs and get your child to fill the gaps. You can extend this with number sentences 4 +6 = 10-    =5    8+    =10
  2. Number sentences. Prepare some sticky notes with various number sentences. Example 4+4=8. Roll 2 dice and fine the matching number sentence. See who can smack the sticky note first to collect the card.
  3. One more/one less. Draw a number line to 20. Shout out a number and see if your child can tell you one more and one less than the given number.

Friday 27th March


We are starting to add challenges and ideas onto the ILD. Please look at the new function called Learning Zone. There is a PE challenge for you to try.


To keep active you might also like to have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga and try some Go noodle dances. We particularly like Pop See Co and Milkshake songs.


Please do try and use Bug club daily. There are books to read and quizzes to answer. Once you've read all the books we can move you onto another colour or add more choices.

Hello from Sid!

Can you write a letter or draw a picture to tell Sid what you've been up to? Upload onto the ILD and we will tell him all about what you've done.

Alternatively, could you write a fact file about Sid?

Can you include -

- what he eats

- what colour he is

- how he moves

- how long he is (remember we looked that the skin he shed last week and measured it against Ms. Bennett)

- any other fact you can find out about Corn snakes.

Wednesday 25th March

Look at the pictures below on PDF


Estimate how many pencils/pens you can see in each one.
What was your method?
How else could you do it?
Is there one way that is particularly useful?  Why?

You can do this practically with pencils/pens/crayons

Tuesday 24th March

Some writing ideas to use -

1. Shopping list. Go through your cupboards and make a real or imaginary shopping list by calling out different items you need to buy. Get your child to write the list.

2. Write a sensory poem about Spring

I see....

I hear......

I feel.....

I touch....

I smell.......


Don't forget to upload on the ILD so we can see your learning here at school!

Please remember to log into Bug Club regularly. Do let us know if you run out of items in 'my stuff' and we will allocate you more books or move your child onto a different book band. Once they have read a book it will move to 'my library' and we will be able to see here what you've read.

Click on this link if you are unsure of what to do -


Why do ladybirds have Spots? Last week we thought about what facts we already know about ladybirds and other minibeasts and what we would like to find out. Please take a look at our posters to help you investigate questions about minibeasts.

Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone.

We hope you are well and enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. We missed seeing lots of you today sad but were thinking about you all.

Please remember to upload your learning at home onto the ILD so we can see it. A couple more ideas could be

  1. Number hunt. Hide numbers from 1-20 around the house, in a bowl of gloop, jelly, flour etc. Can you order then form smallest to largest?
  2. Repeating patterns. Use any toy (construction materials/animals/loose parts) and create a repeating pattern. Remember a repeating pattern can be colour, shape, size, sound, anything – so red/yellow/blue/ re/yellow………… large, medium, small, large, medium………… 1,7,4,1,7……….clap, stomp, click, clap, stomp               Stay safe and keep in touch!!

Welcome to Term 4


We will be starting our new topic 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' next week (week 4) which will continue into Term 5. To kick start our topic we will have an engage session and go on a minibeast safari around the school grounds. As part of PHSE we will be learning about keeping healthy.


Please see our topic overview below and our home learning for this topic.


Many thanks


The Reception Team.

We made pizzas together using farm grown ingredients as part of our express part of our topic 'Why do cows drink milk?'

Welcome to Term 3


We have had a great start to our topic 'Do Cows Drink milk?' The children went to see our chickens and observed them carefully. We will be looking more closely at the animals we would find on the farm and farm produce. We also made some bread and will read the Little Red Hen and other farm stories. We will explore what we already know about farm animals and what we would like to find out about them. 


Have you every been on  a family visit to the farm? Please send in your photos into class or through the ILD.


Attached is our Topic overview below and Home learning tasks for Term 3.





Topic Overview and Home Learning Term 3

Welcome to Term 2


This term our topic is 'Will you read me a story?'


To kick start our topic, on the first day back please send your child in with a book of their favourite fairy tale. We will be reading many fairy tales and traditional stories with the children.

Please see below suggestions for Home learning in Term 2 and our topic overview.

Cornerstones Express! We made boats choosing our own materials, tested them in the water and had races!

The above documents show you the development matters statements that make up our EYFS curriculum. At the end of your child's reception year we would aim for your child to be confident and secure with the development matters statements in the 40-60 age band as well as achieving the ELGs written in bold.  

ILD-Interactive Learning Diary

Welcome to Reception!


                 Image result for transport        


Term 1


We look forward to welcoming you into Reception. Our topic this term is 'Are we there yet?'.

We will be exploring journeys and different types of transport and ways to travel.

We will be looking at the story of Mr Gumpy's outing and creating our own boats using different materials and preparing and making  picnic! 


Please do bring in the booklets given to you on 'All about me'. We look forward to hearing about your summer break. Have you been on any journeys? Please do bring in any photographs to share with us.


We are hoping to have some interesting vehicles in our school. Please let us know if you can help us with this?


Please take a look at our topic overview below to see in greater detail about our learning this term.


We will be also be welcoming parents and carers to our 'Kick Start' Sessions first thing on Wednesday mornings beginning on 25th September. This is an opportunity to participate in reading activities in class with your children.


Look out for our 'welcome meeting' to get a better understanding on how we teach phonics and early reading skills. We will also share some key information on our routines with you.


Please remember to bring in a water bottle everyday and PE kits will need to be kept in school for the week.


We look forward to working with you.


Many thanks


Reception Team