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Ow Ar Me Arties...We be Pirates!

Home Learning RECEPTION - TERM 6

We had so much fun on Empty Classrooms Day!


Our teachers were incredibly impressed by how sensibly we walked all the way to Manor Woods and back! While there, we played hide and seek, tag and just loved running around in nature. In the afternoon we spent our time down by the chicken run. We played most enjoyed playing with the water and standing in a nice cold bucket of water! We had books, drawing, lego, balls, bikes and more. Some of us enjoyed using the outdoor stage to perform!


Thank you to all the parents that helped us have the best day!


What do Living things need to grow?

People That Help Us


We have been enjoying learning about lots of different people that help us recently. We have enjoyed our hospital role-play areas, dressing up and pretending to be police, fire fighters, doctors and nurses!

We have also been learning about what a chef does and preparing food to eat.


Check out some photos of our play below...


What a fantastic term we have had!

We have really enjoyed observing you all blossom in your story telling and writing especially! From learning about dinosaurs to bears, seasons, weighing objects and bracing the icy cold in our garden, we have had lots of fun with our friends.


Happy Holidays!

After half term our reception children will be looking at what they have been doing in the half term break. It would be great to see what you get up to uploaded on your child’s interactive learning diary! Below are some key announcements and activity suggestions for you to do with your child throughout the half term.



When we come back for Term 4, we will launch our new topic of superheroes!

You are invited to come in on the first day back (Tuesday 21st) wearing a superhero accessory! You must wear your uniform but you can wear a mask, cape, homemade accessory or a bit of glitter!


People that help us:

Later on in Term 4 we will be looking at People That Help Us, for example police officers, doctors, nurses, paramedics and vets. If you or anyone you know would be interested in coming to talk to our children then please speak to your class teacher.


Number adding: Over the last term we have been using different amounts of objects to add together to find the answer. We have even started to record our calculations. I wonder if you could practice your adding at home? Use real objects such as fruit, toys, pencils, anything tangible to make your adding together fun and doable!

Reading: Just a gentle reminder that we aim for all children to reach at least a level 6 reading book by the end of the year. Please keep reading with your child at twice a week at home to help us to help your child reach this target. Don’t forget to also practise their tricky words with them.


Thanks for your support, have a good half term holiday and we will see you on Tuesday 21st February.


Miss Townsend, Mr Harding and the Reception Team



We cannot wait to welcome you back and hear all your holiday news!


On your first short week back you may bring one small, favourite book or toy to play with during choosing time. This must be able to fit in your drawer during structured activities. We look forward to finding out about your current interests surprise


Please return with your swimming kit ready for Thursday morning and your full P.E kit ready for Friday afternoon!


This term we will be inviting parents and carers in for 'KICK START' every Tuesday morning at 9-9.15.

'Stay and Read' has been such a success that we will continue to welcome parents and carers in for a story at the end of each week on Fridays at 3.05pm.


See you tomorrow!


Reception Team


Thursday 15th December - come along to an Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) workshop to see your child's learning

Stay & Read every Friday at 3.05pm. Come and enjoy a story together before each weekend!


What a fantastic Inspire workshop today!

Everything was pretty GIANT.

The stripy tie competition results will be announced on Friday!!

Thank you parents and carers for joining your children.

We hope you had a fab time!

Reception surprise


Home Learning Term 2

From Term 2, we will be sending home a termly home learning plan. Please choose one task each week and upload photos of these home learning activities to your child's Interactive learning Diary. We will then share these in class on the big screen. The children love showing their friends what they have been learning at home! We look forward to celebrating your home achievements!
Interactive Learning Diary website -


This medium term plan shows you what we will be focusing on in Reception until we break up for the Christmas Holidays. If you have any activity ideas or suggestions based on your child's interests, we would love to hear from you. 

Tricky Word Rocket !

Please find attached, the tricky words that we will learn in Reception. This week, your child should have come home with a tricky word mat in the shape of a rocket! This details the first 6 tricky words. Once your child has learnt each word they might colour them in with colouring pencils and display them at home. As a tricky challenge, ask your child to spot these tricky rocket words in their sharing books.

Enjoy! no

Jolly Phonics actions s.a.t.i.p.n,m,d

RGT children meet Jinn the puppy!

Thank you Mr Jankowski! We loved meeting your puppy, Jinn, who is set to become Parson Street Primary's most loved pet!


Well done for being very gentle and helping Jinn learn to make the right choices. When discussing what we had learnt or enjoyed about Jinn, children in RGT commented...


“The dog was juggling and running around!” - Lloyd

“He was going backwards” - Tristan

“He chased after some doggy treats” - Joseph

“He jumped on my leg!” - Arlo

“Chewing his stick! - Liam

“I hold the lead” - Evie-Rose

“I’ve got a doggy, he needs feeding” - Charlotte

"I have Buster and Toby and Tess, 1,2,3. Buster is big and Toby and Tess are small." Aiva

"Max and Lex. Middle size. I just take them for a walk and play fetch with them, because they get sad at home." Lloyd


We look forward to meeting our local vet this coming Friday! smiley 



PHONICS WORKSHOP Thurs 29th Sept 6pm

Welcome to Reception!

We really enjoyed meeting you during the 'Stay and Play' sessions on Wednesday this week.


Your child will attend Reception part-time for two weeks. Please check your handbook for dates on which your child is expected to attend. Contact the office if you are unsure.


Please make sure your child comes to school with the following:

  • a named water bottle
  • named book bag
  • named P.E. kit
  • one spare change of clothes - including pants and socks
  • waterproofs/wellies


We look forward to sharing the beginning of your child's learning journey with you next week!


Reception Team

Reception medium term plan