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We had a fantastic trip to Clevedon beach to celebrate our end of topic- 'Who lives in a rock pool'.

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Reception Home Learning Term 5

We launched our new topic this week-

'Why are Carrots Orange?'

We investigated many different fruit and vegetables and talked about importance of eating a 'rainbow of colours'











                                                                                                We have the Healthy Food Cafe in RBB and a fruit and vegetable shop in RHS.









We will be investigating how food is grown and growing  some vegetables. We will be making a healthy plate and printing with fruit and vegetables.

Term 4 - Home Learning

World book day in Reception! We had fun dressing up in our favourite characters. Thank you to our lovely Year 2 children for reading some stories to us.

Welcome to Term 3

This term our topic is 'What happens when I fall asleep?'

We will be exploring the night time and looking at the starry sky, exploring what we can see.


We are reading stories about the night and looking at our bedtime routines.


We will also be learning about the  jobs that people  do at night time and role play these jobs.


We are looking forward to planning a slipper and pyjama day,  singing lullabies and reading stories.

We had a journey of the night to atart our new topic!

Christmas fun and a lovely lunch. Merry Christmas!

We had fun performing our Nativity!


Welcome to Term 2

This term our Topic is 'Will you read me a story?'

Was the big bad wolf really so bad?

How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat?

We will be exploring these questions and more in this topic about fairy tales, 'goodies' and 'baddies'.


We are lucky because we have a live performance of the fairy tale pantomime Beauty and the Beast! Our home corners will be transformed into a stage for stories with

props, and a castle for adventures!



We will use our imagination to create spells and plant magic beans. What will we make?





We will be dressing up as our favourite character and end with a party to celebrate our learning!



The Reception team










Phonics Workshop for Reception Parents Information Letter

Welcome to Reception everyone!


This term our topic is, "Do you want to be friends?" Firstly, we will be look at people who help us around the school. Then we will find out about other people outside of school who help us. We are looking forward to a visit from our local Community Support Police Constable. We will also be working with our friends and thinking about what makes a good friend. Finally, we will be making friendship recipe together.  


Our home corner this term is RBB is an office and in RHS it's a house. We hope that the children enjoy role-playing in these areas.


Many thanks,


Mr Shanahan, Ms Beale and Ms Bennett.

Visit from our Community Police Officer

Curriculum Map

Reception Information for parents