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Nursery (YN) - Forest School

Reception (YR) - Forest School

Year 1 (Y1) - Swimming

Year 2 (Y2) - Whole class music/instrumental teaching

Year 3 (Y3) - Swimming

Year 4 (Y4) - Spanish

Year 5 (Y5) - Spanish

Year 6 (Y6) - Swimming/Spanish



Extended Curriculum


In order to extend and enrich the curriculum beyond the school day, Parson Street subscribes to a number of online learning sites (e.g. TT Rockstars & Letter Join). These are accessible via the subject specific pages on our website. We also signpost to a range of additional learning resources on our Learning Links page of the website.


Information about Home Learning (homework) is detailed in our policy. At the start of each topic your child will be issued with a Project Planner. This contains a number of projects that you and your child can engage in to support their topic learning. Our primary focus for Home Learning is enjoyment and engagement so we hope you will support this approach. 


All children are encouraged to read daily beyond school (see recommended times within the Home Learning Policy) and families are encouraged to make use of the local library on Marksbury Rd in addition to using the books sent home from school. All reading should be recorded in the Home School Diary. 


Finally, as the school actively encourages curriculum enrichment beyond the school day, we engage with other organisations to support children and their families in learning. These are linked for your information below.

Curriculum Overviews

Religious Education & Collective Worship


At Parson Street, we follow the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education (RE). Information about the syllabus is available online by looking at:


In accordance with Government requirements, we also deliver a daily act of collective worship (assemblies) to our children. These take place either together as a whole school, in phases or in class groups. The themes of our assemblies are available upon request and cover major world faith celebrations, British values and aspects of PSHE.


Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw their children from RE and/or collective worship. Any requests for this must be made to the headteacher so that there can be a discussion about curriculum provision for the children in our school. 



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