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Parent Gym - Parenting Workshops


What does it involve?

6 x 2.5-hour sessions plus 1 introductory session of 45 minutes.

Each session has an overall theme.

If you would like to sign up for either of the next courses the dates are;

Name of Session

Times of session

Term 4/5

Term 5/6


9am – 10am

Tuesday March 7th 2023

Thursday May 11th 2023


9am – 11.30am

Tuesday March 14th  2023

Thursday May 18th 2023


9am – 11.30am

Tuesday March 21st 2023

Thursday May 25th 2023


9am – 11.30am

Tuesday March 28th 2023

Thursday June 8th 2023


9am – 11.30am

Tuesday April 18th 2023

Thursday June 15th 2023


9am – 11.30am

Tuesday April 25th 2023

Thursday June 22nd 2023


9am – 11.30am

Tuesday May 2nd 2023

Thursday June 29th 2023


If you would like to sign up please contact Caroline Jenkins –

Or Karen Cousins –

Or you can message us on Class Dojo.


Here are some comments from PSPS parents who have already completed the course.

  • This course has saved my family. It has rebuilt the family unit, me and my partner are now working together rather than going in opposite directions, we are a happy and calm household for the first time in a long while.
  • This course has shown me that it was not my children that needed to change, it was me and how I spoke to them and always finding fault. By staying calm, using positive praise, ignoring some of the petty behaviours, giving clear calm instructions, simple consequences and letting them know the behaviours I want to see has transformed our lives.
  • Transformational
  • Why can this not be offered or made compulsory for all parents? It has made me a much happier, confident mum.
  • When I was first invited onto this course, I was angry as I thought the school was telling me that I was a bad parent. I could not have got it more wrong. I just needed to tweak what I was doing and learn to stay calm. We are all good parents at heart but sometimes we just need a little help to enable us to be better parents.
  • This course has been amazing. I now have a calm and happy home again – every parent should do this.
  • I cannot describe the difference this course has made to my family; I am so much calmer and am no longer continually shouting at my children. Happy / calm mum = happy calm family
  • This course has really opened my eyes to why I needed to change my focus from always finding fault or negativity with my children to seeing the positives and praising them. What a difference it has made.
  • A must do for all parents – totally recommend it. 12 hours can change your family for the better.
  • I now love being a mum and really enjoy being with my children.