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Our Statement of Ethos and Values

Everything we do at Parson Street Primary School centres around the ambition we have for our pupils in seeking to achieve the best in everyone. We aim to provide an excellent education, which brings out the best in our children and prepare them for success in life. Our ultimate aim is to help everyone to achieve our core purpose:


Working together to create an empowered learning community where all are valued and lives flourish



  1. In line with our ethos of ‘Live and Learn’, we teach our children the relevant skills they need to live in a diverse society where all are equal and valued. It supports the needs of all pupils and encourages them to embrace challenge and achieve academic success.
  2. Our curriculum provides a broad and balanced education, full of rich experiences and opportunities that gives our pupils the skills, knowledge and resilience to be lifelong learners. It is underpinned by a strong set of core values that inform every interaction of daily school life.
  3. Our curriculum is progressive: so that teaching builds upon what has gone before, to develop skills, knowledge and concepts in a systematic way.
  4. Our curriculum is holistic, valuing the personal and physical development of every child and maximising opportunities to partner with parents, families and the wider community.


We will ensure that each child becomes:

  • A successful, resilient learner, who is curious and excited by learning and achieves well
  • A confident individual, able to articulate and reflect as well as live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life
  • A responsible citizen, able to make a positive contribution to society.

In achieving this, our children will long remember us not simply because of what we taught them, but how we taught them and how they learned.