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Our priorities 22-23

For 2022-2023, our goals are:


  • Regardless of background, prior attainment or SEND, all children thrive.  

  • Children understand and embody the components of successful learning and use these to further their own success.  

  • Children with SEND are rapidly identified and given the support needed to make steps of progress. 

  • Children learn in a safe, happy and nurturing environment where they can successfully self-regulate.  

  • All our children have access to quality teaching of a broad, enriched and challenging curriculum.  

  • Attainment gaps are closed between our most vulnerable pupils and other pupils in the school.  

  • Parents, carers and the community are valued as co-educators of our pupils. 

  • Leaders are developed and supported to drive school improvement.  

  • Collaborative work exists within the Trust where best practice is valued and shared.