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Our approach to WRITING

We aim to develop confident, fluent and enthusiastic writers. Writing is delivered in a cross-curricular manner using our curriculum as the stimulus. This work takes place alongside daily basic skills sessions (which focus on handwriting, spelling and phonics) as well as discreet teaching  of 'Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling' (GPS) content.

  • Children are taught writing in a creative way using a cross-curricular approach so that English lessons link to their current topic. Children are given regular opportunities to produce extended pieces of creative writing and to edit and improve their own work. 
  • A progression of grammar, sentence level and punctuation objectives are used to inform planning.
  • Where appropriate, children are given success criteria that link directly to the learning objective. These are used for self, peer and teacher assessment.
  • Writing Progress assessments take place 6 times per year and are used to inform next step targets.
  • All children are taught to use joined, cursive handwriting as soon as they are ready. Parents/carers are given online access to resources and support materials which they can use to support children's handwriting practice at home:
  • Information about the genres covered are detailed on the curriculum page of our website.



At Parson Street Primary School, we teach children to write using the cursive font. This will allow the children to start joining letters as soon as possible in the school.


Information about this approach to handwriting is available by accessing the resources below.