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Our approach to READING

Reading is vital life skill and we are passionate about encouraging our children to become enthusiastic and reflective readers. Through contact with interesting, challenging, high-quality texts, we aim to develop both reading comprehension and reading for pleasure.


  • Our library stock is constantly reviewed and updated by a team of Library Volunteers. Reading books are book banded and levelled according to the Reading Recovery Guide to Book Selection.
  • All children read to adults in school on a regular basis. Our support staff and volunteers who are supporting reading in the school are trained as reading partners.
  • Every class has a timetabled DAILY whole class or guided reading input as well as input within English lessons and non-core curriculum.
  • Sharing texts during Whole Class Reading Lessons creates excitement around stories and other text types and develops the children’s comprehension skills. Children are explicitly taught the skills that they need to be successful readers such as inference, prediction and summarising. This is done through a range of activities, including answering different types of questions, writing tasks, discussion and drama.
  • All children have a Home School Diary which can be used to record the reading children complete with others.
  • Benchmarked testing is carried out at least 3 times a year. This ensures that all children in the school read texts that are at the appropriate level. 
  • Interventions are planned to support children who are working below age related expectation, e.g. Hero Academy reading

Reading Progression