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Well done Year 6!

This week, our Y6 children have completed their SATs tests. We don’t yet know the outcome because, as well as the tests being externally marked, the grade boundaries change each year depending on how well Y6 children nationally score. Regardless of the outcomes, I couldn’t be more proud of our children. They have demonstrated resilience, determination, adaptability and positivity throughout the week and are a credit to themselves, their families and the school.


Whatever our view of SATs, they exist and it is important for us to prepare our children as well as we can for these. Throughout the year the children in Y6 work exceptionally hard towards this ‘milestone’ and they deserve huge credit for the effort and maturity they have shown this year.


After the tests, life continues as normal and learning carries on. Y6 has not finished yet and SATs do not mark the end of the school year. However, our Y6 children will be very aware that their time at Parson Street is coming to an end. Half-term is the last holiday they will have where they return to Parson Street. After that, they will move on to pastures new as they begin secondary education.


Do keep an eye on newsletters and other communication for information about different events and activities for Y6. We hope you will get involved where you can. For now, let’s just finish by joining together and saying a massive WELL DONE to our Y6 children – you are stars!