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Text messaging service

As a school, it is very important that our parents/guardians are informed of updates and changes at school in addition to the personal updates you will receive about your child’s progress and wellbeing.


From the week commencing Monday 5th March, the text messages you receive from school will appear differently on your phone.


Our service provider, Teachers2Parents, are excited to introduce an additional new security verification measure to allow parents/guardians to check that the messages you receive are from school.


Much like telephone banking, you will continue to receive messages from a secure number with the school message ID now in the body of the message, accompanied with a link at the beginning of the message to click through to a Teachers2Parents verification page; confirming that the sender of the message is genuine.


This added security measure is another step forward to help reassure parents/guardians of the safety and wellbeing of your child at school.



The changes to the text messaging service will not affect use of the Teachers2Parents App, as this continues to offer built in user verification and end to end encryption of all messages, plus you will still have secure access to term calendar and school noticeboard updates.

To take advantage of the Teachers2Parents app, please search and download ‘Teachers2Parents’ for free on iOS App store and Android smartphone devices.


We hope you agree, as we do, that this added security measure bolsters reassurance that any important communication about your child is safe and you can always be sure that it has been sent by our school.


For more information about Teachers2Parents, please visit.