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As we approach the end of the school year, we spend time reflecting on 2017/18. Over the past few weeks we have spent time considering where we need to develop further as a school as well as recognising our many achievements this school year. Our teacher assessments have been finalised recently and we are seeing some real successes in terms of improved outcomes but I shall reflect on this more fully next week when the KS2 SATs results are released.


Our evaluations of 2017/18 have been informed by pupil, parent and staff questionnaires as well as external measures of performance including our Ofsted report. Again, we are pleased that many positive developments have been noted and commented on but we remain fully committed to improving our school so that it provides the very best education possible. The School Development Plan, which outlines our strategies for improvement, shall be published in September but our key priorities for 2018/19 will focus around the aspects identified by Ofsted (see Ofsted report on our website).


Our expectations of our children and our community are high. As part of our vision, we remain committed to ensuring our children make excellent progress so that they leave our school in line with national expectations. We also remain committed to developing a team of brilliant practitioners so that they can deliver inspirational and effective lessons. Finally, we commit to being at the centre of our community so we work effectively as a partnership. We know together we will make this school better and better.