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Raising the Bar

Last year, we were pleased with how much progress lots of the children made at our school. However, this year, our focus on raising standards more rapidly has been relentless so that the outcomes at KS2 (Y6), in particular, are much more in line with the national averages.


We have made lots of changes to our curriculum and the organisation of our day so that the children develop the skills required to achieve at the expected standards in reading, writing and maths. There are far too many developments within our core curriculum to list them all here, but some of the key changes have include the introduction of the Maths Mastery curriculum, the creation of daily maths meetings (in addition to maths lessons) as well as daily core skills practice and whole class reading (in addition to English lessons).


This week, we have also launched Pobble across the school as a strategy for improving the standard in writing so please do get involved by looking at your child’s work when it is uploaded. We are really pleased with our tracking of progress throughout the school this year. We still have lots of work to do but we have some really positive indicators of success so far. Recently, for example, I have been reviewing outcomes from our Y6 assessments and am astounded with how far some of our children have come in such a short time.


Please continue to support your child by ensuring they attend school regularly and that there is support to complete home learning. We achieve so much more together.