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Family dining

Over the past month or so we have been doing lots of thinking about our lunchtime experience for the children. If you have attended a Family Lunch Day you will know how busy our dining room is and how frustrating it can be for children having to queue up for their lunch. We also notice that some children aren’t trying new foods or enjoying their lunch properly as they are rushing to get back on to the playground.


We have put lots of thought into the way we can improve lunchtimes and we are now pleased to announce that, from September, we shall be introducing a ‘Family Dining’ experience. This aim of this is that we replicate meal time in a home to make it as pleasant as possible for the children.


This means that each of our four phases will be given an allocated dining time. The whole phase will eat together and food will be served at tables with nobody queuing up. Children will take responsibility for helping to set the tables, serve the food and clear away afterwards. It also takes away the time pressure for children to get back to the playground as nobody will leave the dining room until the end of their meal time. This will promote the importance of enjoying the food you are eating but also the importance of social conversation at meal times.


We are sure there will be some logistical issues at the outset but we hope you will agree this is a positive step forwards. Please get in touch if you have any questions.