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Don’t forget that on the first Wednesday (21st) back, you will have the opportunity to drop-in on learning from 1.15pm – 2.00pm to see your child’s books to see how well they are achieving.


We close at 2.00pm on this date so that teachers can meet parents during consultation meetings. Please do collect your child promptly so our 121 appointments can begin on time. We felt this extra time was worth it so that we could share really meaningful information with parents.


We have revamped how we share information and created a document which will mean you take away information about your child’s achievement that is easy to understand but gives you clear information about their attainment, progress, behaviour, effort, attitude and attendance. Any feedback following this would be appreciated. Our latest assessments in school showed some real promise and we were pleased with lots of things across the school. However, it also showed lots of challenges which we shall discuss with you individually on 21st February. You will see in books that some of our children still have a lot of work to do to develop their core skills including handwriting & spelling. To support this, children from Y1 – Y6 will come home with a handwriting competition for half-term. Please encourage them to join in and return entries by 23rd February to be in with a chance to win a prize.