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Community Council


Within our vision, we value the partnership we have with our community. It is one of our commitments that the community is a partner in all we do.


Community Council is an open forum for ay members of our community to meet directly with a member of the Senior Leadership Team at key points in the year.


This page will give information about our Community Council so keep an eye for updates throughout the year.

The launch of the new Counter Terrorism website ‘Act Early’.


This website is aimed at family and friends and to reach out to communities. The purpose of the site is to increase awareness of the signs of radicalisation, where to go for help and support and to increase understanding and confidence in the referral process.


Also being launched is a National Prevent advice line for friends/family/community members to call - 0800 011 3764. This number will be staffed by Prevent teams to ensure the advice being given is appropriate and consistent.


Counter Terrorism Policing South West is supporting the launch, working with partners and police force Corporate Communications teams to promote the site and campaign.  We have been asked to play a part in disseminating these materials in our communities. This is particularly  relevant in this current climate with the impact of Covid 19, social isolation and the rise in hateful extremism online.