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Year 6

SS Great Britain

Year 6 had a great time at the SS Great Britain today - we had plenty of time to look around, and also had a workshop based around different passengers on the ship's voyages. The workshop involved using different forms of evidence to find out about people on board, and using our historical skills to piece together a complete picture. The tour of the ship was amazing! Highlights included: climbing onto the bridge; seeing the different cabins (and even trying the bunks for size); practising knocking weevils out of biscuits; seeing the size of the boat from the dry dock; and of course the talking toilet!

Have a look at the photos below to see some of what we got up to!

Street art tour

On Wednesday Year 6 had a tour of some local street art. We started at Cameron Balloons, at the end of West Street, and then went down to Dean Lane skate park and up North Street. We were taught all about how different artists form their letters and some of their trademarks, as well as finding out about how long the art takes and how they are put together. We even saw some walls being prepared for some fresh artwork.

We also learned about the legal aspects of street art - that it is a crime unless it is done with the permission of the owner of the wall...

Have a look at the pictures below to see what we looked at. I know some of year 6 have been practising the lettering in class already - it looks great!

Lifeskills workshop

On Tuesday, Year 6 went to the Lifeskills workshop at the Create Centre. This was a truly amazing session where the children encountered lots of hazardous situations and learned about what the hazards entail.

There are some photos below of the various activities: I'm sure the children can tell you all about them though!

Thanks to all the great guides at the centre who looked after the children as they went round!

Active travel week

This week we have been making an effort to think about how we get to school, and the impact this has on our environment. Children have been earning stickers for travelling in a sustainable way (e.g. walking, using bikes or scooters, or parking further away and walking the rest).

As a part of our activities, we had a maths lesson run by Sustrans. Together we calculated the calories we burn travelling to school as a group, class and school over a week and year. Some great maths and an important message! Have a look at some of the calculations below...

Term 5 update

Firstly, a very big well done to all of year 6 for making it through a tough term! We were so proud of the way that the children approached SATs, with a good attitude to perform to their best. Thank you to children and parents / carers for working with us through this term.

Next term, as well as our work in class, we will be doing lots of creative activities and having lots of trips to learn in different ways, so do look out for the letter that is coming home with your children about all of these. Our topic is The Great UK Geographical challenge, and we look forward to finding out lots more about places around the UK.

Thanks again, and have a great half term.

Mr Huxley and Mrs Luke

The Lady of Shalott - art unit

For the last couple of weeks we have been enjoying our unit about The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson. It has been great tore ad and understand the text together, as well as to write some of our own verses and experiment with different styles of poetry. Do ask your children to talk to you about their haikus and limericks that tell the story of the poor Lady!

We have also been developing our art skills through the week, and have done some pictures of The Lady of Shalott in the style of Klimt, using lots of golden colours in a collage style, as well as trying to represent the moods of the poem with some watercolour art.

We've had great fun doing this very short unit, and are looking forward to our next topic coming up next term!

Mr Huxley and Mrs Luke


Watercolours using colour to show mood in the poem

Year 6 camp - update from day three
Thursday started with room inspections - passes for the shop were earned when the teachers were happy that each room was as tidy as it could be. this was more of a challenge for some than others, but the motivation was high for everyone! The rest of the day was full of activity again, with each group doing different things throughout the day. We were lucky with the weather and the promised rain didn't materialise, although a few degrees warmer would have been nice!
Some of the activities that children took part in today were:
- Abseiling, which required a great trust in the ropes to hold you as each person leaned back over the drop to the ground.
- Ball sports, including monkey ball, crab football, kick rounders and more. I'm sure we'll be playing some of these back in school and at home!
- The crate challenge, where some children were climbing towers of crates and building them as they climbed, while others learned to billet (use the support ropes).
- The tunnel trail, an underground maze for everyone to crawl through in complete darkness. Great fun and the muddiest challenge so far!
It was our last trip to the shop before dinner, so children stocked up on souvenirs / sweets, and then after dinner they got changed for our disco. There was some great dancing to be seen, most obviously in the classics such as YMCA and the Macarena, but also some great individual performances. Well done!
It's our last morning on Friday, so we'll be doing two more activities before heading for lunch and the trip home on the coach. It's been a great week and I'm sure we're all looking forward to being home again. Thanks to PGL for their excellent staff and resources, they have worked brilliantly with the children and helped them all take on the next challenge.
Year 6 camp - update from day two
Wednesday was our first full day on site at PGL, and it started bright and early with some early morning exercises in the corridor before breakfast (well done to the 4 children that joined in!). Breakfast fuelled us up for the day, which consisted of us working in our groups on four different activities. In the morning everyone went quad biking and on the zip wire - have a look at the photos! These both required some amazing determination and bravery, particularly for those scared of the height from which the zip wire started. Well done for leaping off (or being pushed in Mrs Luke's case...!)
In the afternoon groups did a selection of the assault challenge course, climbing, archery or trapeze. It's fair to say that by the end of these everyone was pretty tired - so after supper we had a quiet night in and headed to the cinema room for a film night. 
We've seen lots of children showing some great perseverance and teamwork, and we're looking forward to our new activities on Thursday! These will include the crate challenge, abseiling, the tunnel trail and ball sports. Looks like another exhausting and enjoyable day in store!
Year 6 camp - update from day 1
On Tuesday most of year 6 headed off for their week at PGL in Liddington. There were some teary goodbyes, and lots of smiles, as we loaded the coach and set off on our way. 
We spent most of the day at Lydiard Park on the edge of Swindon. Thanks to the glorious weather, this was an amazing way to start the week: we walked around the park and completed various challenges on the way (ranging from 'get everyone down the slide in less than 2 minutes' to 'lead your partner blindfolded through the woods without them tripping over' to 'climb up this slope without using your hands'). 
Children were asking for lunch from about 9:30, but we managed to hold out until around 12, when we sat and relaxed in the sunshine while eating. After lunch we headed down to the playground with its amazing climbing ropes and spinning equipment. Football and rounders were both played too before we got back on the coach and headed for PGL.
On arrival we were met by our host and showed to our rooms. It didn't take long for bags to be emptied all over the floor and children to be running round with excitement...!
Before supper we had some time to relax, play some more football / sit down and chat. The food was delicious and there were a high proportion of cleared plates. There are some great choices for food each day. 
Then it was time to start Robot Wars. The children had to work in groups to make one of their team into a robot, using cardboard boxes. They were then sent into an arena outside, blindfolded, and given instructions by their team mates to find the cups of water on the ground and to try and soak the other robots. Some people might have also noticed Mr Mitten and Mr Huxley over-zealously policing the game by also throwing a few cups of water - I couldn't possibly comment!
Then it was time for everyone to get back to their rooms and start settling down. Sleep came fairly soon for some, and eventually for others! We're looking forward to another fun packed day around the PGL site on Wednesday - Quad biking and zip wire are in store, as well as climbing, the challenge course, archery and trapeze. Wow!
Parents - they are all missing you (about the right amount), eating (sweets AND nutritious food) having lots of fun and are all well. I'm sure they'll tell you all about it, but we'll try and update this again tomorrow for you to see. In the meantime, do check our Twitter feed for the latest photos through the day. 

Buddy classes

Each of the Year 6 classes has been paired up with a class in Reception for the year. Most Fridays you will find us meeting up to do some reading, maths or other activity - we have even had a PE session together! This week Class 2 came down to see Class 14, and the children worked together to invent some animals. Have a look at how they did in the photos below!


Why do some creatures no longer exist?

Welcome back! We hope that you had a good holiday and are ready for our new term.

This term our topic is looking at why some creatures no longer exist. We will be thinking about different aspects of how animals change and evolve over generations, and think about some of the human aspects of why the environment is changing. We've got lots of exciting lessons planned, but if you have any ideas about what else we could cover then do let us know!

You can see our mind map for the term on the following page:

Presenting manifestos to the Mayor

This term we have been learning all about Bristol, and children have developed their own manifestos describing their vision for the future of the city, as well as some things that they would change if they were in power. Today 8 of our children were lucky enough to visit George Ferguson's office to discuss their ideas with him and Councillor Massey, and to present him with a copy of our manifestos (as well as a CD of the songs we recorded recently - see below).

We had a great time finding out more about his vision for the city and learning about how decisions are implemented by the council. He saw lots of potential for the children he met, and described how impressed he was with their thoughtful ideas. He has invited Parson Street to come back and see the designs for the new arena when they are ready, so we hope to be going back in the next few months. We also found out where he keeps his secret chocolate supplies...

Have a look at the photos below, and do ask one of the children or Mr Huxley if you want to know any more about the trip!

Music day - A Song For Bristol!

Today year 6 worked with an internationally renowned beatboxer to write, record and produce their own song. Our theme was Bristol, and what makes it a great place to be. The classes worked in groups to think of themes and write their lyrics in rhyme. They also all chose a part of the backing music and beat, the genre of the song and then recorded a line each in our makeshift studio.

While others were recording their lines, children worked on their CD designs. You can listen to the tracks that we produced below, as well as seeing some photos of our day! The children will be bringing a CD home in the near future.

Now that's what I call Bristol

Written and performed by Class 14

Ribena Rock

Written and performed by Class 13

George Ferguson visits Year 6

On Tuesday we were visited by George Ferguson, Bristol's elected mayor, to help with our topic all about Bristol. We told George about some of our ideas to make Bristol even better, heard from him about how and why cities change, and then asked lots of questions to find out more about the city.

One of the aspects of our discussion was about how we can make a difference to the city. George encouraged us to start now, to carry on having brilliant ideas and for following them through. He also inspired us to focus on Bristol being the Green Capital of Europe next year, and to make sure that we are living healthy lives and helping others to do the same.

We were so proud of all of the children for their great ideas and questions, and for listening attentively to George and each other. Well done Year 6!

You can see some pictures and video (from Made in Bristol TV) of his visit below.

Dragons' Den: Pitching our ideas for apps

This term year 6 have been developing ideas for apps that we could make, and on Thursday they had the chance to pitch their ideas for apps to a trio of 'dragons'. They were judged on three criteria:

  • Best pitch and presentation
  • Best idea for an app
  • Most realistic idea for an app that we could make

We had three winning groups, but everyone will be working on developing an app over the year. We look forward to seeing how they turn out!


Poem Performances

We have been learning about poetry this week, all related to our space theme. Today we looked at how poetry can be performed, including thinking about our voices and bodies, emphasis in our speech and other rhythm that we could introduce. Here are some of the performances from today, we hope you like them!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Designing and Building Air-Powered Rockets

On Thursday we went up to Bedminster Down to do some Design and Technology work. We have been thinking about the forces needed to make a rocket take off, and this was our chance to experiment with it ourselves.

First we set off some rockets powered by methane and oxygen, then we followed some instructions to design our own air-powered versions. We had to make decisions about the weight and balance of the rockets, the design of the nose cone and fins and much more. Have a look at the photos to see how we got on!

Trip to Techniquest - Living in Space Workshop

Yesterday we went off to Cardiff to explore the hands-on science at Techniquest. As you can see from the photos below, there were loads of activities for the children to explore and everyone had a lot of fun!

In the workshop we had to work together to plan what resources we would need on a space station -including food, water and oxygen, as well as science equipment. It involved making some difficult decisions (would the astronauts have fresh water to drink, or recycled?).

Enjoy the photos, and do ask your children to tell you about the marshmallow man!

Welcome to Year 6!

We're excited to be starting our new term, and will be learning all about 'Out of This World'. It's a great topic and we're hoping that we'll be able to discover lots together about our universe and beyond. We're looking forward to seeing your homework as well - don't forget to bring it in on Friday!

Some questions you might like to think about while we get going:

  • Why do you think people explore space?
  • Is it possible that there could be life on other planets? Why or why not?
  • What qualities would it take to be an astronaut?

There'll be lots more time for questions and answers when we get into class!

Mrs Luke and Mr Huxley