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Year 5

How Does Your Garden Grow?

In this term's green-fingered topic, How Does Your Garden Grow, we are learning all about plants and flowers.  We began with an explanation text in English all about how bees pollinate.  We looked at various ways plants are pollinated and then zoomed right in on the reproductive systems of flowers.  Want to know what all those tiny parts of a plant or flower are called?  Ask a year 5 pupil!  We are continuing to explore leaves, germination, seed dispersal and habitats.  You may find us pottering about the garden areas of our playground as we wait, excitedly and patiently, for our newly planted sunflower seeds to grow.  Our aim is to have three large troughs of very tall sunflowers by the end of the school year!  And the best part?  We'll know how they grew, how they can be pollinated and what conditions made our growing successful.

Term 3- Roll Up ! Roll Up!


This term we are combining Science and Design and Technology into a topic on fun fairs. The children will have the opportunity to investigate fun fair rides and design and make their own. At the end of the term we will be inviting parents/carers in to take part in our fun fair learning share. Watch this space for details of the date and time!


In Literacy we are currently learning how to write a persuasive text and towards the end of the term they will be writing their own stories with a fun fair theme.


This will be an exciting and challenging term! Roll Up! Roll Up!

Welcome to Year 5!


This term we are all members of the SCIENCE ACADEMY! We have been given special missions to investigate mysterious materials. So far we have learned about what makes a solid, liquid and gas. We have also looked at evaporation, solidifying, melting and dissolving! At the end of the term we will be graduating from the academy in our celebration assembly. We look forward to seeing you there.


Now you are here, look out for our spellings and other important Year 5 information and documents will be attached below.


The Year 5 team.




Our visit from Rocket Rachael

Our visit from Rocket Rachael 1
Our visit from Rocket Rachael 2
Our visit from Rocket Rachael 3

Finding out how to separate materials at the science academy!