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Latest news from Year 2
Year 2 enjoyed a trip to sunny Weston-Super-Mare this week. The sun shone down on us as we made sandcastles, had donkey rides and ate ice-creams! We visited the pier for a talk on the seaside past and present. A very fun and enjoyable way to end the school year smiley

The Enormous Crocodile

Year 2 have been reading The Enormous Crocodile recently, and have been enjoying finding out how he is described (and how his secret plans and clever tricks are ruined by the other animals!).

However, we had a big surprise yesterday when we discovered The Enormous Crocodile hiding in our playground! Have a look at the photos and video below to see what happened next...

Year 2 ask questions to The Enormous Crocodile

Still image for this video

Bristol Zoo

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic visit to Bristol Zoo today! We had a workshop about nocturnal animals where we got to hold cockroaches and feel a snake and a rat!

We learnt how nocturnal animals use their senses to help them to explore and hide from predators at night time! We also enjoyed watching an animal show over lunchtime where we saw a Racoon, an Armadillo and a Macaw called Rio! A brilliant day with lots of smiles!

Update from Term 5:


We hope you had a lovely Easter break.

For the first few weeks of this term we are learning all about Nocturnal Animals. We will be visiting Bristol Zoo to support our research, where we will be taking part in a workshop all about Nocturnal Animals. Look out for some photos on here! 


We have now changed from having Reading Records to having Parson Street School Planners! You will find a Reading Section each week to record when your child is reading at home. Remember if they have 2 pieces of evidence from an adult they can move up our class reading wall and earn a reward. 


Later this term we will be beginning our Seaside topic. We have already had some fantastic homework from the holidays and we loved seeing everyone's photos of their ice creams and sandcastles! Thank you!

At the end of Term 4, our Year 2 children took part in a Dance Festival at Bedminster Down with other schools within our Malago Learning Partnership. Class 5 did a dance with an 'under the sea' theme, while Class 6 performed a jungle dance. Here are some photos from the festival. 

Year 2 Dance Festival

Year 2 Dance Festival  1
Year 2 Dance Festival  2
Year 2 Dance Festival  3
Year 2 Dance Festival  4
Year 2 Dance Festival  5
Year 2 Dance Festival  6
Year 2 Dance Festival  7
Year 2 Dance Festival  8
Year 2 Dance Festival  9
Update from Term 3:
This term we are investigating living 'Happy and Healthy Lives'. We will be looking at different ways of keeping fit and healthy as well as exploring different things that make us happy.

We are going to be learning about Florence Nightingale. Your homework task is to research Florence and bring in something to share with the rest of the class that explains what you have learnt.
Here are some useful websites to start with:

Term 2: We can't believe how quickly this term has gone! We have looked at so many different things together, and have had lots of fun learning and writing different stories, learning about light, and making our own puppets!

Early in the term year 2 all went to visit Bedminster Fire
Station, and saw all of the equipment that is used to keep people safe every day. Some of the highlights included bouncing along the inflatable raft,a nd seeing one of the fireman at the very top of the extendable ladder.
Picture 1
Picture 2
We have also just finished making hand puppets based on Despicable Me. In the next couple of weeks we will be performing and recording our own puppet show. We can't wait to see how these turn out!
Picture 1
Please continue to hear your child read at home on a regular basis. If they read twice per week they will achieve our school reading challenge and get lots of golden pebbles for our class by the end of term!

As you can see there is lots of learning going on in Year 2 so keep checking our year group page for regular updates and photographs too!

Recently in maths we have been focusing on improving our skills adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Some things you could keep practising at home are:
  • Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100
  • Partitioning numbers (e.g. 78 = 70 + 8)
  • Adding and subtracting 10 or more
  • 2, 5 and 10 times tables
  • Putting numbers in order from smallest to largest
  • Continuing sequences of numbers.

Please come and talk to us if you have any questions or would like to see your child's work.

Mrs Summerton and Mr Huxley

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