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The HUB is part of the school’s ‘Every Child Matters’ provision at Parson Street.


It provides a welcoming, safe environment for children to learn more about themselves, to develop and grow.


Through the Hub, children have access to a range of provision including:


  • 1:1 mentoring
    • Children can access 1:1 support in order to share worries, discuss problems and share concerns about home or school


  • Behaviour support
    • Children are supported to engage in a solution-focused approach, working with a Pastoral TA to identify triggers and discuss and plan responses which will enable them to make positive changes to their behaviour


  • Social groups
    • ELSA resources are used in order to develop children’s emotional literacy. Pupils facing specific issues such as low self-esteem or managing strong emotions have the opportunity to work in a focused group alongside other pupils who act as role-models in order to gain better awareness of these issues and to move on in their thinking


  • Therapeutic play sessions
    • Children have the opportunity to explore their emotions and work out their feelings through the medium of play in this intensive therapeutic approach.


  • Nurture Groups
    • Children have the opportunity to be further supported in their social and emotional development, carrying out structured activities designed to target specific skills in a nurturing environment where positive relationships are key and routines are consistent.


  • Counselling
    • Children who face more troubling issues which require specialist support are given the opportunity to meet with our Counsellor Kate Pickard


  • HUB club 
  • For some of our children, the playground can seem like a large, frightening place.  HUB club provides a 'safe space' where children can play indoors in a supportive and friendly environment.  They have the chance to talk to an adult if needed, are supported to build friendships and can choose to simply spend time alone.   
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To find out more about THE HUB provision, click on the documents below: