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Sports & Clubs


We are proud to offer such a wide range of sports and clubs at Parson Street Primary School. On this page you will find information about the different activities and events on offer. If you have any questions then please get in touch with the office.

Sports Competition Letters

Swim Gala 2018!!

Swim Gala 2018!! 1
Swim Gala 2018!! 2
Swim Gala 2018!! 3
Swim Gala 2018!! 4
Swim Gala 2018!! 5
Swim Gala 2018!! 6
Swim Gala 2018!! 7
Swim Gala 2018!! 8
Swim Gala 2018!! 9
Swim Gala 2018!! 10
Swim Gala 2018!! 11
Swim Gala 2018!! 12
Swim Gala 2018!! 13

Tag Rugby 2018

Tag Rugby Report 2018


We worked very well as a team at this year’s Rugby Tournament and we grew stronger as the weeks went on. The team which were Harley, Rory, Kyree, Nathan, Eddie, Eden and Kiyah worked well at tagging people and passing the ball which led to us scoring a lot of trys. Most importantly, we had so much fun even though we did not win. We all tried our best and worked well as a team, we should be very proud of ourselves. As a team, we would like to thank Miss Ferris and Mr and Mrs Fussell for all of their help and support throughout the games.
It was a pleasure to work with the team. They did the school proud and worked so well as a team. I know that we are incredibly proud of them as they played against some really tough teams however continued to work so well together and keep their heads help high. The progress they have made throughout the past few weeks is incredible. Well Done Parson Street Primary School Rugby Team.
Miss Ferris and Mrs Fussell.

Cross Country 2018!!


We had 15 children representing PS tonight at the cross country event at Ashton Park, 10 children from year 4!! They were all incredible, trying their absolute best and competing in tough conditions. A special well done to Isabelle in Y5 coming 1st out of over 70 runners!

Our amazing runners!

Our amazing runners! 1
Our amazing runners! 2
Our amazing runners! 3
Our amazing runners! 4
Our amazing runners! 5
Our amazing runners! 6
Our amazing runners! 7
Our amazing runners! 8
Our amazing runners! 9
Our amazing runners! 10