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School Council

The School Council has been working very hard this year listening to the views of their classes and making decisions about how they can help to improve the school.

One of the best moments this year was meeting Marvin Rees the Mayor of Bristol who praised the School Council as well as the rest of the school particularly for their work on promoting core values.

Learning Ambassadors


We currently have 5 Learning Ambassadors from Year 4 and 5 who are our Learning Ambassador Representatives. They have worked with the classes on ideas for how to be more independent learners especially when you get stuck on your work.

Their recent project was finding out about how a positive mindset helps us learn. They asked the whole school for ideas about what they should see in a classroom that showed a positive learner. They then put those ideas into a powerpoint and presented it to the whole school in an assembly.

Have a look at the powerpoint below to see their ideas about what positive learning might look like.

Positive Mindset Powerpoint

The Food Crew
A new Food Crew has been set up with children from Year 2 to Year 6. We will be looking at how we can make the school an even healthier place. Look out for healthy recipes and ideas on this page.

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