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Positive Behaviour


At Parson Street Primary School, we expect that children behave well. We work hard to promote positive behaviours and promote these by embedding them in our core values of:


Wisdom Justice
Courage Compassion
Hope Respect
Responsibility Integrity


The behaviours we expect are clearly outlined in the document below. However, where children make inappropriate choices or behave in a way that is not acceptable (see Negative Behaviours) the consequences are clearly laid out in the attached chart.


If there are any questions about our approach to behaviour and pupil welfare, please do not hesitate to contact our Assistant Head Teacher (responsible for Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare) - Ms Buckle.


Alternatively, you may also contact Mr Barry, Miss Hopcroft or one of the Senior Team Leaders if you are not able to resolve your concerns with your child's class teacher:


Phase 1 (Nursery & Reception) - Ms Williams

Phase 2 (Y1, Y2, Y3) - Ms McSherry

Phase 3 (Y4, Y5, Y6) - Ms Lee

Ready? Responsible? Safe? (RRS)

Ready? Responsible? Safe? (RRS) 1

Our approach to promoting positive behaviour is summarised in our expectation of all children's behaviour so that they are:


  • SAFE

Behaviour Blueprint

Behaviour Blueprint 1
Our school's approach to promoting positive behaviour is summarised in our Behaviour Blueprint. This is also available to download in the documents list below.



We are an 'Anti-Bullying' School. We take instances of bullying very seriously. To demonstrate our commitment, the whole school has agreed to the Anti-Bullying Promise below.


If you know someone who is being bullied at school then please make sure you tell a member of staff so that we can help to sort this out.

Anti-Bullying Promise

STOP Bullying