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 Well done to everyone who travelled to school actively this morning. 

How do you get to School?


At Parson Street we encourage everyone to travel to school actively. These are the active travel ways....

walk, park and stride, scooter, bike, bus hop off. Park and stride is when you drive and park then walk at least 5 minutes to get to school.


Written by Alexander and Eleanor in 5JR

Travel Tracking


At PSPS we do travel tracking which is a website which records how you got to school. TRavel monitors are responsible for doing travel tracking everyday. If you travel to school actively at least once a week you get badges at the end of every month. we hope this encourages you to travel in an active way.

How do you get to school?

Written by Lola 5CG



We have top tips for walking. Listen to these top tips. Enjoy!

  1. Walk with a  friend when possible.
  2. Ask your parents to help you pick a safe route to school, one that avoids dangers.
  3. Carry a torch when dark and in the winter.
  4. Wear bright jackets and clothing.

By Natalia 3SA and Alexander 5JR

How to be Safe on a Bike


We have found a very useful website - and

There are many cycle paths including the one in the Malago.

Here are some tips about staying safe on a bike....

  1. Only ride on the road if you are an adult and confident on your bike or with an adult.
  2. Remember to always be aware of other people and cars.
  3. Always remember to wear bright clothes, hivis in the dark.
  4. Always have lights on the front and back, white at the front and red at the back, to make drivers aware of you.
  5. And for your own safety please get a bell to make people aware of yourself.

By Alfie 6BW and Tyler 3AH

Buses to parson street

76- from city centre to Parson Street then to Headley Park and Hengrove, it goes every 12 minuets.

75-from city centre to Parson Street and the final destination Hengrove, it goes every 12 minutes.

52-from city centre to Parson Street and the final destination Hengrove park.

Please check the travelwest buschecker app on your tablet, ipad and iphone


by Yara 4LR and Keira H 4KS 

MetroBus Road Closures


The main gyratory road at parson street - one of Bristol's  busiest junctions - will  be transformed with new bus lane , new traffic light systems and wider roads.


The main part of the works are due to begin in January and are expected to be completed by Autumn 2017.

For further details click link below.


By Roxann 6AH and Lola 5CG